Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Xingtai (537980) available!

Weather station in the area

Xingtai (SYNOP 537980)
Xingtai (SYNOP 537980)
Xingtai (SYNOP 537980)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Xinghai (SYNOP 529430)
Weatherstation Tarawa-Kiribati (METAR NGTA)
Weatherstation Ida-Grove-Us59 (METAR XIGI)
Weatherstation Pingtan (SYNOP 589440)
Weatherstation Dongtai (SYNOP 582510)
Weatherstation Dingtao (SYNOP 549090)
Weatherstation Dinghai (SYNOP 584770)
Weatherstation Xinyi (SYNOP 594560)
Weatherstation Qitai (SYNOP 513790)
Weatherstation Jinta (SYNOP 524470)
Weatherstation Binga (METAR FVBI)
Weatherstation Binga (SYNOP 677550)
Weatherstation Tinogasta (METAR SANI)
Weatherstation Tinogasta (SYNOP 872110)
Weatherstation Kisangani (METAR FZIA)
Weatherstation Kisangani (SYNOP 640400)
Weatherstation Xining (METAR ZLXN)
Weatherstation Xining (SYNOP 528660)
Weatherstation Xigaze (SYNOP 555780)
Weatherstation Xainza (SYNOP 554720)

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