Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Yaroslav (UUDL) available!

Weather station in the area

Jaroslavl (SYNOP 273310)
Jaroslavl (SYNOP 273310)
Jaroslavl (SYNOP 273310)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Jaroslavl (SYNOP 273310)
Weatherstation Caslav (METAR LKCV)
Weatherstation Yola (METAR DNYO)
Weatherstation Yola (SYNOP 651670)
Weatherstation Yavorov (SYNOP 333920)
Weatherstation Yarkovo (SYNOP 283660)
Weatherstation Taro-Island (SYNOP 915020)
Weatherstation Malojaroslavec (SYNOP 276060)
Weatherstation Faro-Island (SYNOP 025880)
Weatherstation Yarol-In (SYNOP 242190)
Weatherstation Tarcoola (SYNOP 946550)
Weatherstation Roslavl' (SYNOP 268820)
Weatherstation Carolina (METAR FACL)
Weatherstation Carolina (SYNOP 827650)
Weatherstation Carolina (SYNOP 683800)
Weatherstation Paros (METAR LGPA)
Weatherstation Paros (SYNOP 167660)
Weatherstation Marla (SYNOP 944770)
Weatherstation Yoron-Island (METAR RORY)
Weatherstation Yoron-Island (SYNOP 479425)

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