Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Zdanov (347120) available!

Weather station in the area

Mariupol Intl. (METAR UKCM)
Mariupol Intl. (METAR UKCM)
Mariupol Intl. (METAR UKCM)
Dolzhanka (SYNOP 347190)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Zdanovsk (SYNOP 379050)
Weatherstation Mascara-Ghriss (METAR DAOV)
Weatherstation Ivanovo (SYNOP 273470)
Weatherstation Yola (METAR DNYO)
Weatherstation Tlemcen-Zenata (METAR DAON)
Weatherstation Tindouf (METAR DAOF)
Weatherstation Tiaret (METAR DAOB)
Weatherstation Sokoto (METAR DNSO)
Weatherstation Rhourd-Nouss (METAR DAEN)
Weatherstation Port-Harcourt (METAR DNPO)
Weatherstation Oshogbo (METAR DNOS)
Weatherstation Orsta-Volda-Hovd (METAR ENOV)
Weatherstation Oran-Tafaroui (METAR DAOL)
Weatherstation Oran-Es-Senia (METAR DAOO)
Weatherstation Mascara (METAR DAOM)
Weatherstation Jos (METAR DNJO)
Weatherstation Jijel-Taher (METAR DAAV)
Weatherstation Invercargill-Aerodrome (METAR NZNV)
Weatherstation Inga (METAR FZAN)
Weatherstation Gdov (SYNOP 261570)

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