Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Zhangye (526520) available!

Weather station in the area

Zhangye (SYNOP 526520)
Zhangye (SYNOP 526520)
Zhangye (SYNOP 526520)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Zhanyi (SYNOP 567860)
Weatherstation Neghelli (METAR HANG)
Weatherstation Zhenghe (SYNOP 587300)
Weatherstation Zhangwu (SYNOP 542360)
Weatherstation Kanggye (SYNOP 470200)
Weatherstation Changde (SYNOP 576620)
Weatherstation Zi-Chang (SYNOP 537400)
Weatherstation Zhijiang (SYNOP 577450)
Weatherstation Zhaotong (SYNOP 565860)
Weatherstation Zhalgyztobe (SYNOP 363970)
Weatherstation Zalingei (METAR HSZA)
Weatherstation Zalingei (SYNOP 627803)
Weatherstation Shangaly (SYNOP 228690)
Weatherstation Chany (SYNOP 296020)
Weatherstation Whang-Ryeong (METAR RKNF)
Weatherstation Whang-Ryeong (SYNOP 471094)
Weatherstation Zhanjiang (METAR ZGZJ)
Weatherstation Zhanjiang (SYNOP 596580)
Weatherstation Zhangzhou (SYNOP 591260)
Weatherstation Zharyk (SYNOP 354970)

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