Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Zhanyi (567860) available!

Weather station in the area

Zhanyi (SYNOP 567860)
Zhanyi (SYNOP 567860)
Zhanyi (SYNOP 567860)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Zhangye (SYNOP 526520)
Weatherstation Zunyi (SYNOP 577130)
Weatherstation Chany (SYNOP 296020)
Weatherstation Zharyk (SYNOP 354970)
Weatherstation Zhanjiang (METAR ZGZJ)
Weatherstation Zhanjiang (SYNOP 596580)
Weatherstation Jhansi (METAR VIJN)
Weatherstation Jhansi (SYNOP 424630)
Weatherstation Ghazni (METAR OAGN)
Weatherstation Ghazni (METAR KQRY)
Weatherstation Ghazni (SYNOP 409680)
Weatherstation Ghanzi (METAR FBGZ)
Weatherstation Ghanzi (SYNOP 680240)
Weatherstation Chiayi (SYNOP 467480)
Weatherstation Chiayi (SYNOP 467460)
Weatherstation Zhang-Ping (SYNOP 589260)
Weatherstation Zhangwu (SYNOP 542360)
Weatherstation Shanwei (SYNOP 595010)
Weatherstation Nanyuki (METAR HKNY)
Weatherstation Nanyuki (SYNOP 636943)

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