Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Zwettl (110200) available!

Weather station in the area

Allentsteig (SYNOP 110190)
Jauerling (SYNOP 110240)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Zwiesel (SYNOP 107960)
Weatherstation Zermatt (SYNOP 067480)
Weatherstation Seattle (SYNOP 727936)
Weatherstation Mettler (SYNOP 956110)
Weatherstation Mettlen (SYNOP 066520)
Weatherstation Bettles (METAR PABT)
Weatherstation Bettles (METAR IATA_BTT)
Weatherstation Bettles (SYNOP 701740)
Weatherstation Wittmundhaven (METAR ETNT)
Weatherstation Teruel (METAR LETL)
Weatherstation Poprad-Tatry (METAR LZTT)
Weatherstation Ljungbyhed (METAR ESTL)
Weatherstation Lechfeld (METAR ETSL)
Weatherstation Laupheim (METAR ETHL)
Weatherstation Lahr (METAR EDTL)
Weatherstation Lac-Memphremagog (METAR CWTT)
Weatherstation Laarbruch (METAR ETUL)
Weatherstation Laage (METAR ETNL)
Weatherstation Kelibia (METAR DTTL)
Weatherstation Kabinda-Tunta (METAR FZWT)

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