Weather forecast for Burg Bei Magdeburg -

Weather forecast for Burg Bei Magdeburg

Astronomical data for 2020/05/30:
Sunrise:04:57 h
Sunset:21:22 h
Moonrise: 12:48 h
Moonset: 02:35 h

Weather forecast

Tomorrow it will be 6 to 20 degrees Celsius in Burg Bei Magdeburg. It will be clear to cloudy. Notable rain is not expected. The wind blows moderately to fresh from northeastern directions. The air pressure reaches values between 1024 and 1027 hPa.

Weather forecast in detail
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night scatteredearly clearmorning scatteredmornings scattered and occasional rainnoon scattered and occasional rainafternoon cloudy and occasional rainevening cloudy and occasional rainnight cloudy
WindWind from NE 3 Bft
(5 m/s)
Wind from NE 3 Bft
(5 m/s)
Wind from NE 3 Bft
(4 m/s)
Wind from NE 4 Bft
(7 m/s)
Wind from NE 4 Bft
(6 m/s)
Wind from NE 4 Bft
(6 m/s)
Wind from NE 4 Bft
(8 m/s)
Wind from NE 5 Bft
(9 m/s)
Temperature8 °C6 °C12 °C18 °C19 °C20 °C15 °C9 °C
Dewpoint7 °C5 °C8 °C8 °C9 °C10 °C11 °C8 °C
Windchill5 °C3 °C10 °C17 °C19 °C19 °C13 °C6 °C
Air pressure, station level1022 hPa1021 hPa1021 hPa1021 hPa1020 hPa1019 hPa1019 hPa1019 hPa
Air pressure, sea level1027 hPa1027 hPa1027 hPa1026 hPa1026 hPa1024 hPa1024 hPa1025 hPa
Relative humidity91 %94 %80 %53 %54 %55 %80 %90 %
Absolute humidity7.6 g/m³6.9 g/m³8.4 g/m³8.1 g/m³8.8 g/m³9.3 g/m³10.1 g/m³8.2 g/m³
Precipitation0 mm0 mm0 mm0-1 mm0-1 mm0-1 mm0-1 mm0 mm
This weather forecast was calculated 2020/05/29 at 04 UTC. Basis is the SEVERE-Model of Tempsvrai.

Full weather forecast

• The astronomical data refer to a level horizon and a height of 0 meters. Neither altitude nor mountains in the area are considered.
• All data of the weather forecast refer to the position of the place 52.27°N 11.85°E, elevation 45 m. In cities and mountainous terrain, the actual values in the immediate vicinity may deviate significantly from the forecast values.
• The values of the windchill factor result from the wind chill temperature or the heat index, depending on the predicted temperature.